Technical Ghost Writing

What is Ghost Writing?

A Ghost is an entity people usually cannot see even if it writes somewhere on a wall as in horror films and thrillers of today.

Not that this is about any ghost that we may think of but rather that the person writing an article is not seen by anyone or even discussed with anyone else.

The Client receives the credit for the written article and not the writer themselves and is therefor a great service to clients not having enough time on their hands to research and write articles about various topics. Another advantage is that many writers today enjoy working behind the scenes and rather do exclusive work for a small number of elite clients and performing all the research necessary for an article.

So everyone wins because the writer receive remuneration per project and the client receives credit for their written article. Obviously the client would have to choose a writer, who’s expertise can at least match the level of detail needed in the article and have an idea what the topic is all about and be able to elaborate on it.


So, happy ghost hunting for your ghostwriter or let us know if you need assistance with your articles.

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